Tofu Indites


I am a hobby photographer and work have 9-5 or rather 9-10pm IT job, based in Barcelona. I am German and love to travel and think and talk about everything and anything.

I recently started this blog to capture my thoughts on my travels, about people and their stories and my “adventures”. With Covid-19 I am spending my time working, meeting as often as possible my friends and traveling through Spain as often as I can. If you´d like simply follow me on my adventure I´d like to invite you to add your thoughts to my blog posts, to start a discussion or simply to connect/discuss everything and anything.


As soon I can travel again I have some more plans to visit Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka, visiting India for vacation and not just on a business trip, Myanmar and many more countries.

I am working on my bucket list…it just becomes longer and longer.