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The story behind each picture

First of all, I am sorry for the long silence between my last blog post and today.

I went literally from a daily blog to a none existing one after I’ve returned from Bali :). After returning from vacation I had a busy second half of the year with work and a company-wide project I am part of.

Due to the project though I had the chance to travel a bit for the company and went the first time to Slovakia/Bratislava and again to the US. As I don’t have a private car I always use the chance on a business trip to go on small road trips to see some places and to find places for some nice pictures. Taking pictures is one of my hobbies I’ve even considered turning into a business which is harder than people think. I think though that I keep it as a hobby unless I take THE PICTURE that opens the door to more.

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About the airport butterfly effect :)


The moment when you sit at the airport and wait for the boarding to start is mostly rather boring. Of course, you have a lot of people walking or even running to their gates, parents that slowly but surely turn crazy because of their crying or even misbehaving kids and here and there some zombies coming home from a night long flight around the world. The worst for me though is to wait for the boarding to begin.

During that time or let´s say approx. 30 minutes before the boarding some people might be called out through the P.A system of the airport to check again the luggage or due to whatever reason. Often those people than directly remain at the gate and start to queue and that is the signal for others to join in. What it triggers is, of course, unkown but I assume it´s the fear to not get the seat as booked :).

Well, and now it comes to you! You have of course the choice to remain seated and wait until the boarding really starts to join, but would you? I´ve done it once and paid directly for it. As you know every passenger is allowed to travel with one hand luggage unless it´s charged extra. There are these people that think though that one hand luggage plus a handbag or backpack is fine or those that travel with an oversized piece of luggage.

And there the dilemma starts. How do you react? Do you join the queue to have space for your own hand luggage, ideally close to your seat, or do you stay put and relaxed?  I for myself join the queue even though much more relaxed than others. I am not in a hurry so why should I be bothered.

Traveling by plane is always packed with these little things like the queue, the space for hand luggage or people that don´t respect your “private” zone. Another part is the stewardess/stewards. The job is highly romanticised with all the traveling around the world but a tough one. The plane I am in is an A380 of Air Emirates and there more than 15 people onboard taking care of the customers plus the pilot crew. The plane though is not completely booked which is nice for us passengers to have some more space.

Cabine crews always need to be smiley, nice and polite to the passenger and I have the feeling that the entire program at Air Emirates is trained over and over again as the crew is moving in perfect sync. During the start and now during the sunset, you could see that the crew are as well only human beings. During the start, I had stewards sitting in front of me and facing me. One was rather bored, the other one did send a prayer into the air and the third poor lad nodded off here and there. During sunset, a board member is using the quiet time of the flight to do his evening prayers and that is what I love. The plane is full of people from around the world, from so many different countries and religions and everyone is living their life without anyone acting strangely.